Sports Books

"The same goes for my favorite sports books. You can’t learn how to write unless you’re constantly reading, just like you can’t learn how to play music unless you listen to hundreds of different albums, or you can’t learn to speak a second language unless you actually go to a foreign country and practice it. For whatever reason, many aspiring sportswriters either don’t understand this, or they dismiss it altogether. In fact, I’ve had conversations at bars with younger people who have approached me, asked me for advice, and when I ask them what their favorite sports books are, they give me the Peyton Manning Face. I’m always astonished by this. How can you aspire to become a sportswriter without reading as many different styles and perspectives as you can?" -Bill Simmons "Best Sports Book Series", 3/30/2006

So you think I did anything to solve this? Here’s a list of books that I bought today. Thanks, mom and dad, for the Amazon gift card!

  • "The Art of Fielding" (2011) by Chad Harbach
  • "Wherever I Wind Up" (2012) by R.A. Dickey
  • "Over Time" (2012) by Frank DeFord
  • "The Summer of ‘68" (2012) by Tim Wendel
  • "The Breaks of the Game" (1981) by David Halberstam